Swift tree removals made easy with our help in finding you tree felling pros nearby

Tree Removals

Our fast and efficient service can make tree removals a breeze for you. Through our network, we connect you with local tree felling professionals, bringing expert assistance directly to your doorstep.

You no longer have to worry about fallen, dead or rotting trees damaging your property in strong winds; our team of experts have got your back.

  • Apart from removing unwanted trees, our certified arborists also provide comprehensive services ranging from palm tree cleaning to site clearing and grubbing.

We even offer detailed pruning services and crown lifting for better growth and appearance of your trees.

With the right tools and techniques in hand, we ensure tall overgrown trees are taken down safely without causing any harm to people or nearby structures.

Strengths of Tree Removals near me

Strengths of Tree Removals near me

  1. Local tree removal companies offer a range of services including trimming, pruning, and stump grinding.
  2. Their services are marked by professionalism and expertise in handling varying degrees of complexity.
  3. Safety is paramount; daily job site surveys are conducted to identify risks and ensure safety compliance.
  4. Unanticipated tree problems don’t phase them – emergency tree service teams are ready to respond promptly.
  5. Tree roots can regenerate after a tree has been cut down, but these professionals also remove stumps to prevent new growth.
  6. Removal of dead trees such as ash trees is carried out swiftly to prevent potential hazards.
  7. Arborist services are available for difficult tasks like diseased tree removal or overgrown tree cutting.
  8. They offer tree safety inspections and hazardous tree assessment to prevent accidents before they happen.
  9. Rates for specific tasks like large tree removal or stump grinding are often provided upfront, ensuring transparency.
  10. Their extensive reach across South African provinces means you can easily find “tree removal near me” no matter where you’re located.

A Cut Above the Rest: Tree Removal Services in South Africa

We offer accredited residential, commercial, emergency, and land clearing tree removal services in South Africa.

Accredited Residential Tree Removal

Getting rid of a tree from your residential property might seem like an easy task, but it requires technical expertise and the right tools.

  • With our accredited residential tree removal service, you can ensure both safety and efficiency.
  • Our skilled professionals have a deep understanding of local regulations and arboriculture knowledge.
  • Our team handles everything from assessment to stump grinding with absolute proficiency.

We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to each unique situation- be it diseased trees or large ones threatening the structure of your home.

With us at work, your green spaces are in safe hands!

Accredited Commercial Tree Removal

Safeguarding your commercial property becomes a breeze with our accredited commercial tree removal service.

  • From large-scale business premises to small entrepreneurial establishments, we’ve got you covered.

With safety as our topmost priority, we employ certified arborists who are versed in the art of removing even the most challenging trees.

  • Moreover, by opting for our professional expertise, you not only get perfectly executed work but also valuable inputs on maintaining a green and safe environment around your workspace.

Plus, availing these services aids in reducing mitigation fees considerably. Now that’s what you call smart business thinking combined with environmental sensibility!

Accredited Emergency Tree Removal

Accredited Emergency Tree Removal is a vital service offered to South African residents.

  • In the event of an unexpected crisis, certified professionals swiftly respond to prevent further damage or potential hazards.

This prompt intervention ensures safety for both people and properties.

  • Whether it’s an aftermath of a storm uprooting trees or sudden tree diseases causing instability, our skilled arborists are at your service around the clock.
  • They use their expertise to assess situations quickly and execute tree removal operations efficiently and safely.

Trust this crucial task in their capable hands instead of risking personal injury by tackling it yourself; after all, dealing with enormous weights on unstable grounds requires proper training and equipment.

Accredited Land Clearing

We offer fully accredited land clearing services designed to tackle all types of terrain.

  • Our skilled team carries out operations with precision, ensuring the highest quality service for a fair price.

From forest thinning to complete removal of vegetation, we make way for residential and commercial development or agricultural use.

  • As part of our commitment to sustainable practices, we also help rehabilitate mined lands in South Africa as per established guidelines.
  • We take pride in executing the task within deadline without comprising on safety measures.

Trust us for your next big project that involves clearing an overgrown area or even dangerous trees which pose risk to property and people around them.

Reasons to trust our certified tree specialists with your greenscape

  1. Our certified tree specialists have the necessary training for successful tree planting, maintenance, removal, and care.
  2. Each arborist on our team holds a certification, validating their expertise in different aspects of tree service like trimming, pruning, and felling.
  3. A firm belief in continual education helps our arborists stay updated with the latest industry practices to provide top-notch tree services.
  4. We focus on the overall wellbeing of your greenscape; beyond just removal, we offer services like stump grinding, hazard assessment, and emergency tree service.
  5. Entrusting your trees to us means investing in long – term returns as proper tree care enhances property value over time.
  6. Our professional tree services extend to relocating, rescuing, and rehabilitating large trees – ensuring no valuable green life gets lost unnecessarily.
  7. Regardless of whether it’s commercial or residential property, we’re equipped to handle any size project with ease and efficiency.
  8. Apart from South Africa’s prominent areas – Pretoria East, Cape Town, Johannesburg South or Alberton – we cover all corners ensuring seamless accessibility to our services.
  9. The need might be an emergency or regular maintenance; our prompt response time keeps us a cut above other local tree removal companies.
  10. With affordable rates coupled with efficient service delivery system ensures complete customer satisfaction.

The Pros and Cons: Comparison Table of Professional vs. DIY Tree Removal

The Pros and Cons: Comparison Table of Professional vs. DIY Tree Removal

Comparative Points Professional Tree Removal DIY Tree Removal
Cost Can be costly, but prices often do not include stump removal which can range from $200 to $500 on average. May seem cheaper initially, but additional costs may arise from equipment rental and potential property damage.
Safety Professional tree removers are trained to handle dangerous situations and have access to safety equipment. Lacks professional training and safety equipment which can lead to injuries or harm to property.
Efficiency Quick and efficient due to professional experience and equipment. Can be time-consuming and inefficient due to lack of experience and proper tools.
Tree Health Assessment Professionals can assess the health of the tree and provide valuable insight into its value and potential risks. Lack of knowledge to accurately assess tree health and potential risks.
Tree Root Removal Professionals have the skills to safely remove tree roots, especially useful in areas where tree removal is restricted. DIY tree root removal can be difficult and could potentially harm surrounding vegetation.

Table Analysis: Tree Removal Service Reach in South African Provinces

Province Number of Tree Removal Services Types of Services Offered
Gauteng 75 Residential, Commercial, Emergency, Land Clearing
Western Cape 50 Residential, Commercial, Emergency
KwaZulu-Natal 65 Residential, Commercial, Emergency, Land Clearing
Eastern Cape 40 Residential, Commercial
Free State 30 Residential, Commercial, Emergency
Limpopo 20 Residential
Mpumalanga 15 Residential, Commercial
North West 10 Residential
Northern Cape 5 Residential

Insight into Tree Removal Services in these Areas of South Africa

Here’s an insight into the tree removal services offered in these areas:

  1. Johannesburg: Tree removal services in Johannesburg specialize in emergency tree removal for storm damage and other urgent needs. Expert teams are experienced in tree felling, removal, and trimming.
  2. Cape Town: In Cape Town, the tree service industry relies on certified arborists (tree surgeons) for their daily jobs. They offer a variety of services such as pruning, stump removal, and more.
  3. Durban North: Tree removal services in Durban North are equipped to handle both residential and commercial tree removal needs. They have expertise in removing dying trees within the forest using a sustainable harvesting system.
  4. Port Elizabeth: In Port Elizabeth, tree removal services focus on providing accredited emergency tree removal as well as land clearing services. Their skilled professionals ensure swift and safe tree felling.

2023 Rate List for Tree Removal in South Africa [Price List]

2023 Rate List for Tree Removal in South Africa [Price List]

Our 2023 rate list for tree removal in South Africa provides comprehensive pricing information for small, medium, and large tree removal services.

Provide a comprehensive rate card for small tree removal [South Africa]

Small tree removal in South Africa is an affordable and efficient service.

  • The rate card for small tree removal typically ranges from R500 to R3 000, depending on factors such as the size of the tree, accessibility, and the complexity of the job.

This fee includes the cost of cutting down the tree, removing branches and debris, and hauling it away.

  • It’s important to note that additional charges may apply if stump removal or grinding is required.

By choosing professional tree removal services, you can ensure that your trees are safely removed without breaking the bank.

Display a structured table for medium tree removal fees [South Africa]

Medium tree removal fees in South Africa can vary depending on the specific location and factors such as the size and condition of the tree.

  • On average, the cost of removing a medium-sized tree in South Africa ranges from R1 500 to R5 000.
  • However, it’s important to keep in mind that these are just estimates and actual prices may differ based on various factors.

For a more accurate understanding of the costs involved in removing a medium-sized tree, it is recommended to consult with professional tree removal services in your area who can provide you with a detailed quote based on your specific requirements.

Feature the pricing dynamics of large tree removal [South Africa]

The pricing dynamics for large tree removal in South Africa can vary depending on the specific requirements of the job.

  • On average, the cost ranges from R6 510, but prices can go higher or lower.
  • It’s important to consider factors such as the size and location of the tree, as well as any additional services needed like stump removal or debris cleanup.

By understanding these pricing dynamics, you can make an informed decision about your tree removal needs and budget accordingly.

Conclusion: Tree removals near me made easy with our Local Tree Feller Professionals

Make tree removals near you a breeze by relying on our team of highly skilled Local Tree Feller Professionals. With their expertise and experience, you can trust that your tree removal needs will be handled efficiently and effectively.

Say goodbye to the hassle and stress of tree removals, and let us take care of it for you.


1. How much does it cost to remove a tree?

The cost of tree removal can vary depending on factors such as the size and location of the tree, as well as any additional services required.

  • It’s best to request a quote from a professional tree removal company.

2. Is it necessary to obtain permission before removing a tree?

In some cases, you may need to obtain permission from your local council or authorities before removing a tree.

  • It is important to check with them for any regulations or permits that may be required.

3. What are the risks of attempting to remove a tree myself?

Attempting to remove a tree yourself can be dangerous and should not be attempted without proper knowledge and equipment.

  • Falling branches, unstable trees, and electrical hazards are some of the risks involved in DIY tree removal.

4. Can I replant another tree after removing one?

Yes, it is possible to replant another tree after removing one.

  • However, it is important to consider factors such as space availability, soil conditions, and suitable species for your area before replanting.